Herein you’ll find the home page of the Principality of Lichtengrein! In the tradition of Charles Grant’s THE WAR GAME this site details the adventures of Prince Rupert of Lichtengrein in the imagi-nation world of the mid eighteenth century.

Whilst focusing on all manner of information pertaining to Lichtengrein, other issues concerning the great nations of Europe will also be covered as well as those of the new world.

Please feel free to pop in and check up on the miniature military events that occur to Prince Rupert’s realm and other surrounding states, great and small.


Prince Rupert of Lichtengrein
Latest Update

In the 'Gallery' a number of shots of the recently completed forces of Lichtengrein and Prussia have been posted.

The Flags in the Army Background section has also been updated as well as a couple of Might and Reason scenarios in the Miniatures area added for good measure!

...the view from the Greinberg

...the view from the Greinberg

Feb 24, 2008


The uniforms of the Lichtengrein household are unmistakable. Dressed in golden yellow with Donau blue facings they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, be they the fearsome lieb-garde grenadiers or the perfectly mounted horse grenadiers, fast moving imperial horse battery or stoic militia.

The colors of the regiments of the 1st brigade of leib-grenadiers are significant – they reflect the influences of the multi national forces the prince regularly employs and are often found in the regiments themselves.

The predominantly blue and yellow colors show the importance of the Germanic elements of the Holy Roman Empire under the rule of Austrian and Germanic monarchs, including the British prince regent and his Hanoverian subjects. Finally, white gaiters pay homage to all Bourbon kings, both French and Spanish along with powdered hair for all grenadiers, horse and foot.

The militia forces offer a more subdued appearance, wearing the simple off-white coat that is a typical sight around the streets and marketplaces of Lichtengrein. Thus the local forces combined with the diverse influence of the multinational contingents that serve in the army, provide for many styles of military fashions that come from all over Europe.


abdul666 said...

A pleasure to be allowed to comment: I enjoy yout blog and I enjoy to write down this appreciation!
Welcome aboard 'EvE'


abdul666 said...

A question: for the Hussars in *white* mirliton, is the fur of the pelisse black, as for the other regiment, or white? There is as much 'white' (silver) as black in the coat-of-arms of the Prince, so they would have free choice?
Just curious?


Happy Wanderer said...


The same pelisse for both the white and black hussars are drawn from the Lichtengrein storehouse. Only the mirliton colour changes as the Prince has decreed!