Herein you’ll find the home page of the Principality of Lichtengrein! In the tradition of Charles Grant’s THE WAR GAME this site details the adventures of Prince Rupert of Lichtengrein in the imagi-nation world of the mid eighteenth century.

Whilst focusing on all manner of information pertaining to Lichtengrein, other issues concerning the great nations of Europe will also be covered as well as those of the new world.

Please feel free to pop in and check up on the miniature military events that occur to Prince Rupert’s realm and other surrounding states, great and small.


Prince Rupert of Lichtengrein
Latest Update

In the 'Gallery' a number of shots of the recently completed forces of Lichtengrein and Prussia have been posted.

The Flags in the Army Background section has also been updated as well as a couple of Might and Reason scenarios in the Miniatures area added for good measure!

...the view from the Greinberg

...the view from the Greinberg

Feb 24, 2008


The flags used by the army army are based on the family coat of arms.

The flag carried by all regular forces of Lichtengrein are those of the Prince - the prince's colors. These were the same colors carried by the first ruler of Lichtengrein Baron Rupert, on the first holy crusade in 1095.

Since that time, all soldiery of Lichtengrein has carried this standard. The three rings of the shield signify the strength and interlocking relationship of the mountains, woods and great Danube river - collectively being the cornerstone foundations of the principality.

Prince's colors - The flag itself carries the knight motif as its central theme. This signifies the family tradition of service to the pope's of Europe - though in recent times more tolerant rulers have allowed protestant based religions to co exist in the principality because of the multi national nature of the army, now draw on the martial aspects of the knightly brotherhood to unit forces under the prince's banner.

Milita's colors - the colors of all militia or citizenry based forces of Lichtengrein carry the same layout as those of the regular army. The only change is the shield colors are reversed. This change in color places the majority of the shield as the color yellow, signifying Lichtengrein's predominately catholic based populace.

In addition to the principality's colors, individual militia standards are also carried. They come in a variety of styles dependent upon the local inhaber and/or region from which the unit is raised. A selection of flags are as follows, though many other variations exist.

Line infantry colors - The line infantry regiments carry a formalised style of colors in addition to the Prince's colors shown above. Each battalion is assigned a number in sequence, the 1st beign the senior unit. Each standard is adorned with the principality's motif - "Fur Gott und Furst" - For God and Prince.

Freikorps colors - The freikorps forces of Lichtengrein have their own distinctive colors.

For those wishing to make their won heraldic coats of arms, flags, etc, etc visit the following link - excellent stuff!

Wiki Heraldry

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