Herein you’ll find the home page of the Principality of Lichtengrein! In the tradition of Charles Grant’s THE WAR GAME this site details the adventures of Prince Rupert of Lichtengrein in the imagi-nation world of the mid eighteenth century.

Whilst focusing on all manner of information pertaining to Lichtengrein, other issues concerning the great nations of Europe will also be covered as well as those of the new world.

Please feel free to pop in and check up on the miniature military events that occur to Prince Rupert’s realm and other surrounding states, great and small.


Prince Rupert of Lichtengrein
Latest Update

In the 'Gallery' a number of shots of the recently completed forces of Lichtengrein and Prussia have been posted.

The Flags in the Army Background section has also been updated as well as a couple of Might and Reason scenarios in the Miniatures area added for good measure!

...the view from the Greinberg

...the view from the Greinberg

Mar 10, 2008


This area will discuss various rules used and other useful attachments relating to the different 'rules of war'.

Might and Reason

For players wishing to make up army lists for their own Might and Reason army here is template.


MurdocK said...

looking forward to the template and other parts here to become 'enabled'

Welcome to the bloggospehre and 'imagi'-nations of Urope!

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Thanks Murdock,

I've tried several times to get the file link to upload to fileden but no luck. I'm going to have to find some other file sharing site I can link to.